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BNLX Victorie oktober 2015Picture by Fabian Postma

Hey there you fun loving children of the night. We know it is rough times, so try to remember that if your top worry is how to keep going on without any new The Benelux tunes to guide you then that is not so bad. Also I am here to tell you that it will not be long now. Our new studio is a machine and it turned out a first few future sounds of the Benelux. These sounds scare us like they will terrify you, somewhere soon.

The picture above shows Milan and Jaap in a synchronized moment of concentration playing the new live set at Podium Victorie Alkmaar last friday. It was a weird but fun evening, the first silent set of The Benelux ever. Kids in the room wearing earphones, choosing between us and two DJ’s playing Backstreet and Venga Boys. You know we don’t mind a challenge. Also we learned our lyrics should have the word “everybody” in them more.

This of course is all part of the master plan to get geared up for this season. The coming months there will be a lot of writing still, but also a few first shows are being toughly negotiated by our bookers. First date is a nice Sugarfactory Amsterdam show on friday December 18th, alongside the deft Taymir rock squad, amongst others.