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So how have you been? We know you’re up to stuff and feel that our conversations, however infrequent in these times of ambition, should reach a level of intimacy that at least equals your last 2 am Tinder hook up.

Our status is and has been “in the studio”. We are very aware of the suggestive nature of this status. We all know bands that never really got out of the studio again. It might leave you questioning our determination to deliver to you a next hit record. We really do spend a lot of time there, and spend it well. Maarten, pictured above, is championing that aspect, for he has built the damn thing and keeps filling it up with equipment, love and saw-it-yourself wall panels.

And so we are writing, recording, producing and playing the occasional live set. We are figuring it out as we go, we are failing and succeeding, building the playground whilst eager to play. Taking in new inspiration, from unexpected places. Writing songs that are at least eight minutes too long. Creating the new The Benelux sound in Milan’s backyard shed. Doing all this, we really should take our time, don’t you agree?

Of course you don’t. You live in a mad world of time-to-market and first-time-right and efficiency and instant success. You listen to bands that don’t exist yet. You switched to summer time a week ago. You don’t know what the hell I am talking about. You just want our dark electronic funks.


What can I do but ask you to look at Maarten, sat behind his drum kit. You noticed it in the video. He is not easily rushed. Go ahead and roll up those xlr cables any way you want to. Have your hardware rattling in your pedal case. Estimate you could easily leave for Groningen an hour later and still have dinner and soundcheck. Figure you can have that final mix done by April. Do all those things we would do if it wasn’t for Maarten.

Not me. I’m sticking with this guy, even if he needs an hour to pack his drum kit.


PS keep a look on the Facebook. We might be playing a free show in Amsterdam West next friday.