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A New View

I never much felt the urge to change my view. To look a crowd straight in the eyes, unbothered by some complex apparatus getting in the way, that always seemed to be the most straightforward way to go. I am a front man. I always thought myself a striker, no number ten or wing man. But in the past try out shows we have been moving things around a bit. The above picture shows a face to face setting with Milan, for our recording sessions last weekend. Loads of buttons too, exercising a gravitational pull on my fingers. Oh look at them. Like erect nipples, they want to be twisted.

Speaking of the new view: we have a new home, after moving from east to west Amsterdam. We’ve left other Jaap and some good people at Melodyline. We will also not return to the nice spacious rooms at MuzyQ. We have checked in at our new base camp, where Maarten has worked overtime to make us feel at home. New beginnings and all good vibes for The Benelux. Hope to be able to have you listen to some of the new tunes soon.