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BNLX last showphoto by Lieke Donkers

This weekend we ended our summer in the southern city of Maastricht. It was a great show in front of a large crowd and so many things were happening in the same time we need this post to reflect on it. Some say we had a slow start, but didn’t fail to notice that an hour later we were shouted back on stage for one extra song. By that time hundreds of people were dancing. Up front and in the back, from kids on sugar to girls on fire to fifty-year-old madmen on something.

That last song became an unapologetic version of Pet Needs Friends. Halfway into the song I stepped to the side so I could see Sven take the stage and rock it once more. And then that was that.

The last show with our good friend, our much respected and well-tuned guitarplayer. He looks like Jesus, his name is Sven. He is responsible for many a funky THE BENELUX riff and his undisturbed personality was a baken during the more than 200 shows we played together. Sven is sure to rock out under any circumstances. But don’t forget the little brown case. Who forgot to load in my little brown case? We have to go back now. Sven will continue playing bass for the lovely Bird on the Wire, and he will still find Milan on his side in their Project Wildeman. So if you wish to see him live, you can and you will.

THE BENELUX has chosen not to go the way of trying to replace Sven. For one thing, I’m sure we would need at least two people, he was that good, and he was that busy. We decided however to take the other route and see what happens when we are three. We have been experimenting and writing together for a month now and we are already finding some new ways into our music. First show to come is in Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht 2nd of october. It will be the first try out of the new BNLX. It will be an experiment. We’re having fun with the old material, we’re inspired by new material, and we will continue this becoming a new band on stage in a few weeks. Hope to see you there and share the excitement.

Much love, Jaap.