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This picture finds THE BENELUX mid show at Oranjepop Nijmegen. To us, it was one of the best shows this year, with hundreds of people dancing on a hill at nightfall. These pictures just show you how good everybody was looking that night. The smells, the dancing, those two smiling girls in the middle of the crowd, well, you just have to imagine those.

We’ve also had good times letting freedom ring at bevrijdingspop Wageningen (where we made veterans dance) and Amsterdam where we were the closing act. And yesterday at Sniester Festival we returned to the warm embrace of our The Hague friends. Ever since that show on the Scheveningen beach at Jam de la Crème 2013 there is something building between THE BENELUX and the beat city.

We know what you are thinking. It’s either HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED OUT ON ALL THAT or I DIDN’T AND NOW I’M NOT THE SAME. Well, let’s get together. Or let’s get together again. How about next week at Beeckestijnpop near Beverwijk? Or next month at Metropolis Rotterdam? Forever keep checking that agenda and you will find that there is a place and a time for us. Again and again.