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THE BENELUX is signing off for 2013. But it looks like we have a great year to look forward to, lots of stuff cooking, much to be confirmed so we hope to keep you real close in 2014. There was a lot of talk about us releasing our debut album and after reviewing all the reviews THE BENELUX have to admit everything that was written about the album is true.

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De Volkskrant called our album “inescapable” and gave it four stars. In a tweet the De Volkskrant reviewer even called our album his favorite Dutch debut album of 2013. De Volkskrant then went on to say we are the nephews of LCD Soundsystem. This is true. We used to live in Brooklyn with our uncle James but moved to Amsterdam to, you know, have some creative space.

Thepostonline was one of several online webzines to look forward to many a 2014 THE BENELUX show on many a 2014 festival. We are expected to rock out and cause a stir. These are all expectations that THE BENELUX collectively feel fully able and are willing to live up to.

We were humbled, and felt quite exposed by comparisons to INXS, Simple Minds, Yeasayer, Mika, Daft Punk, Phoenix, New Order, and LCD Soundsystem. Some of these we did not see coming. But we gave it a listen, and boy you were right.

In further review of the reviews we find that having a song called “I Don’t Dance Enough” headline the tracklist of an album containing more than one musical stimulus to bodily movement sure enough gave our reviewers some material to work with. And we can only join them in expecting that ‘not dancing enough’ will not be the problem this spring. We will do our part, if it is given to us.

THE BENELUX have had a good year and this here just to say thank you to the reviewers that made it all happen. Also we would like to thank everyone that subsequently came out to see us play, bought the record or listens to it endlessly online. Let us know if you want to write a live review on (we will review it). First chances at Eurosonic Groningen January 17th. Later that month Gent (Be), Arnhem and Haarlem.

See you in 2014!