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We are looking forward to this tuesday when The Benelux will do its part in the nationwide festivities and play the Roring On Stage Festival in Haarlem. All you Haarlem cuties and Amsterdam avoiders do come see us level the Groenmarkt with a full set at around 4 pm. As a warm up, listen to this DJ set by our house DJ De Messias. As a special surprise to you, it contains a part of our new single Liar, to be released May 1st. Can you find it in there?


After the show in Haarlem we will travel back to the madness that is Amsterdam on Kingsday where De Messias will actually play this set on the I Love Noord Ferry between Houthavens and NDSM werf from 8:30 to 10 pm. We are not fooled by his proclaimed republicanism, and expect him to ROCK the boat.